It's a fact that children love ponies, and our ponies love children. When the winter brings its chill, however, lessons ease up and the ponies get lonely. Wouldn't your child love to have a pony to call her own for a while?

Foster or Sponsor a Pony for the Winter
For about $2 a day, your child can sponsor one of our ponies at Pony Tales Farm!

Foster Package #1, $60 monthly
Includes four, 1-1/2 hour supervised visits for one month. Your child will visit, care for and ride her pony at our farm. Join us to learn how to care for the pony and get to know your pony up close & personal this winter! Two visits are riding, and two are hands-on care.

Foster Package #2, $30 monthly
Similar to above, except includes two, 1-hour supervised visits for one month. Your child will visit, care for, and ride his pony at our farm. One visit riding, one visit hands-on care.

Package #3: Friendly Sponsorship Kit, $15 monthly
Includes a picture and thank-you letter from your child's choice of pony. Great for out-of-town Holiday gifts! One pre-arranged visit to your pony is welcome, call Ms. Lorraine for details!

Ask about "rideless" supervised visitation, based on availability.
For Foster packages only: extra visits per month at a minimal cost,
*plus* ask about bringing friends or siblings for a visit, also at a minimal cost! Make pre-arrangements with Ms. Lorraine.

A percentage of each Foster/Sponsorship goes to rescue another horse or pony this year!

All sponsors will also receive special recognition in our Spring newsletter!
Call for more details, 440-891-9992