Jack is a Welsh Pony. Welsh ponies come from Wales, part of the United Kingdom. They are very rugged and have a lot of endurance.

Jack is large, typical of the Welsh breed, and stands at 52" high. He has a very distinctive kind-looking face. Welsh ponies are very intelligent and versatile. They make good companions, show ponies and cart ponies!

Jack's special color is called Strawberry Roan. As his hair sheds and grows, he will change in color from brownish-black to nearly white!

Although he is very well trained, Jack is a vit nervous and "spooky" in a crowd, probably because of his strict upbringing. This is why we are quiet and gentle when he is out of his stall. But with patience and love we will teach Jack that being part of pony camp is a lot of fun!

Jack's Favorite Link:
The Welsh Pony Society

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